Soundarya, a 20-year-old girl was worthy from an economically side-lined SC family in Kandlakoya village of Medchal District. Her parents are landless, illiterate and unskilled labourer. She is an intelligent, talented and ambitious girl. TPL adopted and supporting her from 6th Class by providing funding, study material and spreading out consistent teaching curriculums through TPL volunteers to accomplish her vision. After she completes her SSC her parents decided to do marriage. In SSC she got good marks and she is interested in studies then after TPL approach her parents by visiting her home and counsel her parents about important of education and gave them hope that TPL will takes care of her whole education expenses. TPL is supported and encouraged her by providing scholarships every year.

TPL also helps her in financial like suggested her to take tuitions to the village students and every month TPL gave her Rs 2000/- amount as a remuneration.

Today Soundarya dream is turnoff into reality and she has completed her B.Sc. (Nutrition) with distinction. She said if Tata projects had not support her, she would have been married long back. She is very much thankful to TPL for the support and encouragement.

Nandini, a degree student currently pursuing Bachelors in Commerce, is another beneficiary of the education programme of TPCDT. Coming from a poor scheduled case family of daily wage labourers support from her parents never wavered for her education. Her parents wanted her to pursue studies even after school just because TPCDT supported her financially. She says I want to pursue further studies from Government College and start working with Tata Projects". She is interested in computers. Nandini is confident that she will succeed in life and become an important person contributing to society and her village in future

Kanthudu is a 24 year old from Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh.After his father passed, his two elder brothers worked as stone quarry workers to support the family. Kanthudulearnt of the Reverse Osmosis (RO) technician training from a newspaper advertisement.

With support from TPCDT, Kanthudu completed a three month training comprising practical and theoretical aspects of RO technician. He learnt how to operate and maintain an RO plant. He was able to easily grasp whatever was taught and he also helped other students undergoing the training with the courses. Kanthudu say, "Earlier Currently working for Mitra Service Society in Mehaboob Nagar, Kanthudu says he has kept his word of contributing towards the good of society and looks forward to settling down.